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Its always nice to get something for nothing. It may be a smile from a passing stranger or someone offering to help you outside Home Depot. It's like the world turned and made things better for you, without asking. That's how I want you to feel when we finish your project.

If you choose Steve Maki Electric, my company will handle all of your electrical and lighting work. From interior/exterior home additions and remodels, to communication installations and upgrades, electrical inspections and load planning. Since 1977, we have done it all.

Not that every project is the same - each job has it's own "wrinkles". Just know that with nearly 35 years of working with electricity, we have the experiences that ensure you will see only the benefits of this stable and safe energy source.

Stop by our Reviews page for references from our existing customers. There you will discover the varied types of work we have done in this local area, and the feelings expressed about us and the job we do.

So please call us or email us when you need quality electrical work done on your home or building.

It will mean the end of your search for an electrical contractor that cares as much as you do.